ADAM: ICP display flicker (z-fighting) esp. when viewing with trackIR (moving head positions) and from just outside of canopy.

ADAM: Add pistons to the main weapon bay doors

ADAM: Reduce vertex count of model to meet game standards

ADAM: Change color/shape of traffic / ground reference symbology to match F-22 cockpit screen photos.

ADAM: correct the location of command shield on both tails of 94th squadron and right tails of 525th and 19th – move shield toward rear of aircraft in all cases.

ADAM: Cockpit Armrest animation complete

ADAM: Update shoulder patches on pilots for different squadron liveries

ADAM: AO or texture artifacts on bleed air doors on 94th squadron livery

ADAM: Front panel knob pivot points – correct to avoid AO “hole” effect when viewed up close. (edited)