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Simulating the F-22A, the world’s most advanced operational air superiority fighter, presents a monumental challenge for any flight sim content developer. It features performance and handling characteristics that no other aircraft in the world can match. Top Mach Studios has dedicated well over a year of research and development to emulating this type of performance in a Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 native model, and in doing so we’ve pushed the limits of what’s possible in the game. We are proud to present this life-like and superbly capable simulation of the F-22A Raptor. We think you’ll find this aircraft model to be an absolute thrill and a true joy to fly. 

This model of the F-22A is not endorsed by the Lockheed Martin Corporation or the United States Air Force.


Highly detailed fully customized 3D cockpit modeling

  • Highly detailed modeling and texturing of the entire cockpit, control panel, and ICP/HUD module
  • Animated Canopy
  • In-game live traffic air traffic display overlay
  • Canopy interior reflections and rain effects
  • Fully animated and functional cockpit – key controls and almost all buttons, knobs, and switches are functional or animated.
  • Fully customized normal and night vision goggle (NVG) cockpit lighting controls and emissive lighting.
  • All cockpit controls up to date with latest MSFS 2020 cockpit interaction functionality.
  • Full VR functionality and compatibility.

Carefully Detailed Custom 3D Exterior Model

  • Highly accurate 3D modeling and texturing
  • Detailed animated landing gear and landing gear bays
  • Detailed weapons bays with animated door open / close function
  • Weapons can be displayed or hidden (non in game-Marketplace purchases)
  • Detailed accurately modeled drop tanks can be displayed or hidden based on fuel settings.
  • Multiple liveries with high resolution real world derived custom texturing
  • Animation and custom conditional animations of all flight control surfaces.
  • Custom pilot figure.
  • Afterburner and exhaust heat plume effects
  • Afterburner flame plume animated to move with thrust vectoring motion
  • Detailed engine nozzle animations with simulated thrust vectoring movements
  • Visible wingtip and flight surface wake vortex, vapor plumes, mach vapor, contrail, and other visual effects modeled
  • Custom canopy reflections and tinting
  • Customized Exterior Lighting system include custom landing and taxi lighting,
    electroluminescent formation lighting, navigation lights, and beacons; all modeled after the actual aircraft, with correct lighting positions.
  • Fully animated, functional tailhook.
  • Cold and Dark aircraft control surface animations and protective equipment displayed
  • Multiplayer compatible (amazing fun to fly formation with this aircraft).

Custom Coded Simulated Fly-By-Wire control system providing virtually carefree flight control*

  • Nothing else in the game can fly like this aircraft can. You’ll be amazed.
  • Auto-trim / pitch control (point and shoot pitch control)
  • G-Limiter
  • Roll rate limiter
  • Yaw control and limiter
  • Exceptional maneuverability and smooth post-stall pitch control responses up to 90 degrees angle of attack with controllability at air speeds as low as 20 KIAS. Custom programming replicates, the best we can within the game, a thrust vectoring control system.
  • Low speed high alpha aerobatic maneuvers possible: pedal turns, power look, tail slide, herbst maneuver (J Turn), high alpha pass, and others.
  • Resistant to departures from controlled flight throughout the flight envelope.
  • Precision high altitude flight control possible up to 65,000 feet and above.
  • Takeoff / Approach mode (landing gear down) ensures precise control for ease of handling during take-off and landing approaches.

Highly Immersive Fully Custom Programmed Avionics Suite

  • Essential avionics suite allowing for navigation and cross country flying.
  • Fully functional Head Up Display (HUD) replicating real world primary Navigation HUD display for the F-22A
  • Highly functional Integrated Control Panel (Up front Controller) with many functions and capabilities.
  • Highly functional autopilot system
  • Fully functional engine controls with start-up and shut down procedures
  • High detail multi-function displays (MFDs) and primary flight display (PFD) with screens replicating several real-world Raptor screen display modes.
  • Custom coded Airspeed (accurate at high Mach number), Autothrottle, and other coding done to overcome limitations of the MSFS 2020 physics engine and provide a more accurate, realistic experience.
  • Garmin G3000 based flight planning module included (hidden until activated) to allow in-flight GPS guided route planning and waypoint management for ease of navigation.

Engine and Performance Modeling based on detailed research on USAF specifications and expert estimates

  • Accurate weight and fuel quantities: includes additional fuel to simulate 2 x 600 gallon ferry tanks
  • Engine model tuned to realistic specifications for thrust and performance.
  • Drag and lift model tuned to estimated specifications. 
  • Landings and takeoffs at real-world estimated aoa targets and speeds
  • Mach 2.4+ maximum speed
  • Mach 1.8+ supercruise capability
  • Supersonic climb to high altitude
  • Incredible acceleration rates at full throttle.
  • Supersonic capability to 65,000 feet and above
  • Fuel consumption and maximum range at all altitudes and throttle settings within published specifications
  • We’ve done our best to replicate the estimated and publicly stated performance limits of the Raptor within the limits of MSFS 2020.

Other Features

  • MSFS native format checklists to assist with key aircraft procedures and enabling quick start functionality.
  • Custom cameras for flat screen and VR use.
  • A detailed user manual and information about the F-22A
  • Customized sounds with real-world F-22A samples for key sound effects – sounds like the real aircraft.


*Optional Native MSFS FBW Flight Physics Model Included

Designed for customers who don’t have peripheral controllers (keyboard users) and those who want a slightly different feel and experience flying the F-22A. The model offers similar capabilities to our custom Fly By Wire based model, with some inherent limitations in the underlying Asobo physics model. Based on the F/A-18E flight model, but vastly improved for use in the F-22A. It’s like having two different aircraft in the same package.