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F-22A Raptor Update 1.2.0 Has Arrived!

By September 1, 2023September 12th, 2023No Comments

Top Mach Studios F-22A V 1.2.0 Update Release Notes


V1.2.0 for the F-22A is a major update to the model incorporating a variety of new features, visual model improvements, updated visual effects, livery updates, quality of life improvements, and bug fixes. The list below covers most of the significant changes that will be included, but is not exhaustive of all changes included, e.g., very minor fixes to the 3d model and avionics.


JustFlight customers, the update is available as of Sept. 1, 2023.

UPDATE: We’ve been notified by the Marketplace team that the update for PC and Xbox Marketplace customers is delayed. The marketplace intake team broke something in our wasm modules when creating the marketplace package and are working to provide us with a working and testable build. Our best guess for release is next Thursday the 21st. Our apologies to all of our customers who are eagerly awaiting this update.


Visual model and artwork changes:


  • Added 20 new liveries (current, historical, and fictional) and representative pilot shoulder patches for all liveries
    • F-22A 7th FS ‘Screamin Demons’ Holloman Clean & Weathered
    • F-22A #045 19th FS ‘Fighting Game Cocks’ Hickam Clean & Weathered
    • F-22A 27th FS ‘Fightin Eagles’ Langley Clean & Weathered
    • F-22A 43rd FS ‘Hornets’ Tyndall Clean & Weathered
    • F-22A 90th FS ‘Pair-O-Dice’ Elmendorf Clean & Weathered
    • F-22A 95th FS ‘Boneheads’ Tyndall Clean & Weathered
    • F-22A 149th FS VA ANG Flagship ‘Cripes A Mighty’ Langley
    • F-22A 199th FS HI ANG ‘Mytai Fighters’ Hickam Clean & Weathered
    • F-22A 422nd TES ‘Green Bats’ Nellis, Chrome Raptor
    • F-22A 433rd Weapons School ‘Satans Angels’ Nellis
    • F-22A 525th FS ‘Bulldogs’ Elmendorf, ‘Last Raptor’ Green Primer
    • F-22A ‘Spirit of America’, Raptor Rollout Colors
    • F-22A Raptor USAF Thunderbirds, Tribute to Maj. Gen. Dawn Dunlop


  • Added countermeasure doors (flares / chaff) and door animations
  • Canopy open / close animation revised for more accuracy
  • Added and animated support rods for main weapon bay doors
  • Improved upper weapon bay door modeling and animations
  • Revised nose gear extend / retract animations
  • Corrections to boarding ladder mesh and texture
  • Created animations for red safety switch covers and switches (basic animations implemented – switches are still inop)
  • Fixed ambient occlusion problems on: seat cushion, main gear doors, horizontal stabilizers, main gear bay, main weapon bay machinery, tail hook, and nozzles
  • New textures for tailhook bay and doors interior
  • Restored missing parts in main gear bays
  • Minor revisions to main gear animation sequence
  • Repositioned mesh texture inside inlet to more accurate location
  • Adjusted position / rotation of intake plugs (fill gaps)
  • Revised/Refined LOD1 through LOD3 (stray poly on exterior LOD3, landing gear visibility draw distance, cockpit draw distance, pilot draw distance, inlet textures)


Flight Dynamics Modeling and Aircraft Systems:

  • Tailhook now functions to trap wires on aircraft carriers (tested with JayShrike carrier package)
  • AAR Switch triggers aerial refueling (onboards fuel at 1100 gpm when aircraft within specific flight parameters)
  • Added emergency gear extension system (for power off / dead stick situations) using emergency gear extension toggle
  • Created Drop Tank and pylon jettison animation and logic (triggered by jettison button)
  • Updated and refined flight model – loaded rolls far more easy to perform.
  • Shifted model (cockpit, exterior, and pilot) longitudinal position rearward to center the camera eyepoint and for reduced ground “skid” when taxiing.



  • FLIR-like synthetic vision feature added to PFD
  • Adjusted mach overspeed caution from 1.9M to 2.0M
  • Updated Caged HUD Mode to be closer inline with 1787B (significantly improving usability)
  • Revised HUD Heading Tape: Vertical bar = Magnetic Heading; Inverted T = Magnetic Ground Track; Chevron = Autopilot Commanded Heading
  • Added Ejection seat disarmed annunciator warning (also set default arming switch position to disarmed when cold and dark)
  • Added speedbrake indicator on HUD FPM
  • Added Zenith / Nadir markers to HUD
  • Add countermeasure doors animation button selector on STA page
  • Added ARMED and SAFE indications in HUD when the master arm switch is in arm or safe position.

QOL Changes:

  • Reprogrammed FBW module to operate correctly with keyboards and removed NON-FBW model from the package
  • Pilot figure visibility condition changed: not visible for static aircraft, visible for multiplayer aircraft when engine N1 rpm >= 2%
  • Multiplayer visible formation light lighting; self lighting setting determines display on other aircraft for better visibility during multiplayer formations
  • Revised / corrected tooltip labels on a few switches in the cockpit.
  • Added several new cameras, and corrected or adjusted cameras


Dynamic Visual Effects:

  • Revised and added wing vapor, body vapor, and vortex effects including blending and fading action.


Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed large memory leak and greatly improved wasm performance
  • Resolved bug affecting stability at very low or very high frame rates and when using different simulation rates
  • Fixed speed brakes deploy when cold & dark
  • Significantly improved Flight Path Marker behavior in uncaged HUD mode for accuracy and usability.
  • Re-Programmed HUD G Meter to be less “twitchy” and to smooth out reported values
  • Resolved issue with Flight Path Marker causing it to be inaccurate in high winds and at a large bank angle
  • Leading Edge Flaps upward extension limit correction (-5 degrees) and animation correction
  • Closed gaps in nozzle animations to eliminate AB VFX bleedthrough
  • Fixed main gear outer door piston clipping during gear animation